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Pole dancing is a fun way to make new friends, tone up and lose weight. It will increase your overall fitness and core strength.

Pole Dancing tones and sculpts your total body and is especially good at really targeting those problem areas such as arms, midriff, legs and bum.

Exercising should be fun and not a chore, otherwise you will not stick at it! Our classes are friendly and fun, you hardly realise that you are actually working out. You will feel a massive sense of achievement as you master a new spin, dance move, routine or pole trick.

Our pole dance students quickly notice a massive boost in their confidence and self esteem leaving them feeling strong and sexy on the inside.

Our CLASSES are suitable for most women regardless of weight, shape, size, age(18+) or fitness level from complete beginners to advanced.

The classes we run are pay as you go, this means that you can start straight away.

Our CLASSES fit around your lifestyle. They are convenient if you work shifts, have children, or holidays booked. It also means you can give it a go without having to commit to a whole course. No need to book, we have multi pole studios so we never get over-crowded - just turn up!

We use disco/club lighting which gives a great atmosphere and is great for anyone feeling a little self conscious.

Our highly qualified instructors have been teaching regular women to pole dance for fun and fitness since 2005.

With extensive experience within the industry, our instructors are professional dancers, hold Dance Specific First Aid certificates as well as having the CPD REP’s (Register of Exercise Professionals) qualifications in pole dance fitness. This course is also endorsed by ACE, AFAA, CANFITPRO, Fitness Australia, REPS, Skills Active, PDC, IPDFA and the PFA.

All of our students have the opportunity to work towards Pole Dance Association Exams.

 “As a dance examiner I have always found the standard at York Pole Dance Academy very high. They are a very busy school and the sheer numbers of students they have only proves how enjoyable and beneficial the women obviously find the classes. Marisa and Lianne are welcoming and friendly individuals as well as being very talented performers and teachers. “
Emily Bond. Company Director: Pole Dance Association